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Meet the folks at Pier 71 Wines
Tapan Ganguli

Tapan Ganguli


Tapan Ganguli, founder of Pier 71 Wines, LLC, has 20+ years working in the wine industry. Tapan was born in India and studied finance in the UK. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Calcutta University. He has worked in the corporate world across Europe and the Middle East for most of his career. His passion for wine started when he worked in Paris and bought a house in the Loire Valley.

With a tight local community, he visited family vineyards for wine tastings, where he fell in love with their passion and drive for quality. Helping his neighbors pick grapes for their vineyards, he would then be rewarded by being invited to 4-hour gourmet lunches with the owners, where his knowledge of wines and champagnes grew.

He moved back to the UK to start his wine business and spread the word of the champagnes and wines he had encountered. His association with the Gonet family has been going strong for two decades.

In 2011, Tapan moved to California for a business opportunity. Upon arrival to the beautiful Bay Area, specifically Napa Valley, the fire in his heart for food and wine was stoked and continues to burn brightly. Since moving to the United States, Tapan works closely with local businesses in the Bay Area and in Napa Valley where his wines are sold in some of the top restaurants, boutique resorts and personal collections.

In his spare time, Tapan enjoys his family, his dog, travel, economics, ping-pong, chess, cooking and giving back to the community. Wherever he goes, he is well known and welcomed with a smile.

Rebekah Stoltz Weeman

Rebekah Stoltz Weeman


Rebekah Stoltz Weeman, partner at Pier 71 Wines, has 15+ years in the wine industry. Her passion started when she moved to Saint Helena in 2007 from Istanbul, Turkey.

Her connection to wine goes back four generations with her Italian heritage. During prohibition in the United States, her great grandfather made wine in the home basement on Oak Street in San Francisco. He learned from his father who owned vineyards in Tuscany. A native-born San Franciscan and California girl at heart, she has a feel for wine country lifestyle and warm hospitality. After all, it’s in her genes!

Rebekah’s focus with Pier 71 wines is on brand management, communications and development. Bringing her international experience and years of experience in development, Rebekah is a wizard at creating programs and structure from the vision of whomever she works with. Partnering with Tapan at Pier 71 Wines is a natural fit. In Rebekah’s words, “It’s a dream job and one I hope to do for the rest of my life.”

In her spare time, Rebekah enjoys her family, her dogs, travel, free-lance writing, copy writing, cooking, gardening, golf, community work as a commissioner in Saint Helena and on the BOD for The Tug McGraw Foundation.