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2016 Chateau Lesparre Graves de Vayres

2016 Chateau Lesparre Graves de Vayres  ♦  $25 / 750 ML Bottle


The 2016 Chateau Lesparre Graves de Vayres is a beautiful (and rare) white French Bordeaux. Refined and elegant, the complex flavors on the mouth are unforgettable. One of our most popular wines to date and it will literally knock your socks off. Pier 71 Wines searched high and low to find this amazing white Bordeaux.

White: 50% Semillon – 50% Sauvignon blanc

Opulent and pulpy, this great wine displays a ripe fruit, well balanced between crispness and softness, supported by vinification and aging in oak barrels bringing length and refinement to it.

The Chateau Lesparre Graves de Vayres pairs well with white fish, seafood, poultry, goat cheese, grilled apricots and a zesty lemon vinaigrette.

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